Our Team

We strive to be different and break the mould associated with traditional accountants. Yes, our people are unique, and we celebrate individuality, but as a firm we are united in a single mission to offer exceptional service to clients, gaining recognition as their most trusted advisors.


Pankaj Rajani, FCA, CF.

Pankaj qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG in 1987 and since then has been relentless in his ambition to create an accountancy firm that offers stand out success for its clients.

As a founding partner of Macilvin Moore in 1990, Pankaj has been instrumental in the organic growth of the firm and the recent merger that saw the creation of today's Macalvins.

Corporate Finance transactions, international trade, JV's and investor relations are areas where Pankaj excels. With many clients operating on an international level, there is rarely a week that Pankaj is not on an aeroplane.

"I believe that with good planning you can objectively achieve success and I make it my personal mission to create the best possible solutions and frameworks for my clients to succeed."

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