Investment market reforms to cut red tape and make UK “even more attractive place” to do business

Investment market reforms will make the UK an “even more attractive place” to do business, it has been announced.

The report, published by HM Treasury, comes as the Government prepares to reform the rules for listing companies in the UK.

According to the announcement, the UK will “seize its newfound freedoms since leaving the EU” by cutting red tape and making investment markets work for British businesses.

This includes:

  • New wholesale capital market rules to give businesses “greater choice” about where they can trade
  • A “new, simpler and more agile regime” for raising capital and listing companies
  • Removing a number of burdens for Systematic Internalisers
  • Increasing the scope of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to ensure fixed income, derivatives, pre-trade, and transparency rules are applied proportionately
  • Giving the FCA the tools it needs to help the industry develop a Consolidated Tape
  • Reducing the scope of the commodities position limits regime
  • Improving the quality of information that investors receive.

Outlining the plans, Economic Secretary to the Treasury John Glen said unnecessary rules will be scrapped to make the UK an “even more attractive place to invest and to do business, supporting jobs and generating investment in the UK”.

“We are using our post-Brexit freedoms to create the right legislation to support an even stronger financial services sector – one that is open, green, competitive and technologically advanced,” he said.

“Our plans to improve our wholesale markets regulation will liberate businesses from unwieldy and stifling rules that hold back their ability to grow and innovate, while our reforms to the prospectus rules will replace the current system with a new, simpler, and more agile regime.”

According to the latest statistics, more than 120 companies went public in 2021 – raising a record-breaking £17 billion.

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