Did you know that more than 33 million people are paid through the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system every month? That’s a lot of responsibility on employers’ shoulders.

By outsourcing your payroll function to us, however, you can save time, reduce overheads, improve governance and cut down on administrative errors instantly. Talk to Macalvins today to learn more about the amazing benefits of outsourcing payroll.

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According to the Low Pay Commission, 439,000 staff are illegally underpaid every year, amounting to millions of pounds of penalties. Outsourcing gives you an affordable, error-free payroll function.

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It’s our job to keep you legally compliant, so you can focus on what’s important: running your business. From keeping your automatic enrolment pension scheme running smoothly to issuing electronic payslips on time, every time, we are the one-stop compliance solution for payroll.

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Whether it’s for one person or 1,000, our dedicated experts will guarantee that your payroll function is run like clockwork. No ifs, no buts.


We help UK and overseas companies overcome international taxation and payroll hurdles by providing a one-stop-shop for global accounting advice as part of our complete payroll service.

Off-payroll working rules

The new off-payroll working rules, coming into effect April 2020, significantly change the employment environment for industries who rely on temporary contracted work.

Our team will help you navigate this complex legislation by determining the employment status of workers and ensuring you and your staff are paying the correct amount of tax.

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Our cost-effective technology solutions are made with you and your time in mind. By cutting down on paperwork, reducing admin and streamlining processes, we’re committed to giving business owners back more hours in the day. Talk to our digital advisors about our cloud solutions today.


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