Capital markets

In a market dominated by intelligence and innovation, you need to make smarter, faster decisions to stay ahead. By combining technology, commercial advice and real industry experience, our team is here to help you compete.

Our services include:

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Macalvins Chartered Accountants, Tax & Business Advisers | Harrow, Mayfair, London

Leading process agents in the UK

Before an international transaction can take place, both parties often designate a jurisdiction where disputes and disagreements will be heard. The UK is popular among traders due to its robust and fair corporate laws.

But where neither party has a presence in the designated jurisdiction, a process agent will be appointed as a chief representative.

With experience and expertise in international finance and capital markets, Macalvins is the popular choice for those wishing to appoint a process agent in the UK. As your process agent, we work rapidly to facilitate transactions in a timely manner.

How we support you

With global portfolios and international financial operations, private equity management is increasing in complexity each year. Our full-service accounting and advisory solutions empower investment managers to take back control of their business, expand into new international markets and stay compliant with global accounting standards.

With years of experience supporting residential and commercial property investment managers, Macalvins is perfectly positioned to provide you with a first-class accounting and advisory service. From property tax advice in more than 100 jurisdictions to corporate finance and wealth planning, our expert team will act as your go-to consultancy service for all property and business-related support.

For expert advice and support in fund management, talk to our specialist advisors today. With experience leading company formations and business restructuring to shareholder and depositary support, our full range of strategy-led services will help you maintain compliance and grow on the international stage.

Carve out a new capital market venture with Macalvins

The expert team at Macalvins supports the creation of new ventures by removing the roadblocks to success. From local regulation to cross-border company structures, our team has the experience required to lead your team from the front.

With a pragmatic and dynamic approach to business, our service includes the creation and registration of new corporate entities, a fully automated payroll and HR function, tax and financial strategy development, 100 per cent compliance with local regulations, international taxation support and a comprehensive advisory service on doing business all over the world.

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Streamline market entry

Our streamlined service provides frictionless market entry into almost every major jurisdiction in Europe, Africa, the USA, Latin America, Asia and more. We do this by removing the barriers to trade, ensuring day one compliance with local accounting standards and regulations, and providing overseas taxation and VAT advice.

Unlike other advisory firms, we are also able to include overseas and domestic employment, payroll and HR support.

By streamlining entry and removing legal and regulatory roadblocks, our clients can focus on expanding their business with limited risk and disruption.

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Simplicity from A to Z

With finance and accounting expertise in more than 100 jurisdictions, our expert team supports international trade by acting as a central body to your many different arms of business.

We do this by managing your resources effectively, providing dynamic international taxation and trading support, taking a creative, tech-focused and pragmatic approach to problem solving, and supporting you with core functions, such as payroll, HR, accounting and financial reporting.

It is only by combining these services that we can support your business in developing a central, consolidated business strategy involving every overseas component of your business.

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Accountancy, advisory
and tax planning

Our business advice enables investment managers to drive forward and make smarter, faster decisions. We do this by providing a range of advisory and accounting solutions that help you to become a more efficient, more agile business.

We also specialise in restructuring to enable growth and diminish tax liabilities.

Think global, think Macalvins

Based in the heart of the financial capital of the world, Macalvins specialises in global business. Our expertise stretches across more than 100 jurisdictions to provide international businesses with a truly end-to-end service.

Less paperwork, more practising

Our cost-effective technology solutions are made with you and your time in mind. By cutting down on paperwork, reducing admin and streamlining accounting, we’re committed to giving business owners back more hours in the day. Talk to our digital advisors about our cloud solutions today.