Indian Film Industry

Dive into Bollywood with Macalvins: Experts to the film industry

Bollywood, the world’s film capital, is booming with over 1,000 films a year and a $2.83 billion market.

Now, with India’s enticing incentives for filmmakers, there’s never been a better time to produce your film in this vibrant industry.

Indian Film Industry

Why Macalvins?

We’re not just accountants – we’re film production finance specialists, perfectly positioned to navigate Bollywood’s unique challenges and opportunities.

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Our services are tailor-made for the industry and include:

Expertise that brings productions to life

Led by film finance expert Muntazir Bhimji, our team offers unmatched insights into film tax credits and robust compliance strategies.

We’re your dedicated partner in bringing cinematic visions to life, ensuring financial success in Bollywood’s dynamic landscape.

We also have years of experience working within the UK film industry and have considerable expertise in this area.

Don’t miss this chance to shine on the world’s largest cinema stage. Contact Macalvins today and turn your Bollywood dreams into reality.

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Together, we’ll capture the essence of Bollywood and propel your project to global success.