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Make smarter, faster decisions about your construction business with Macalvins. By combining commercial advice with real industry experience, our team has the right tools to build your business.

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Macalvins Chartered Accountants, Tax & Business Advisers | Harrow, Mayfair, London


With the launch of major public infrastructure projects and the promise of 300,000 new homes every year, construction and development businesses are posting record revenues.

But the success of contract work is still largely reliant on the strength of the economy and development giants.

While these factors are out of our control, smart business and accounting advice can help your construction business flourish where others do not. From cash flow and tax advice to support with the CIS, we help ensure that your business is fighting fit for the future.

Construction specialists

Based in easily accessible offices in London, Macalvins has built an enviable reputation in the construction and development sector. Our goal is simple: we help you make better-informed decisions about your business to improve its profitability and boost performance.

From help with the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) to helping you pay less tax, our full range of services is designed with your business in mind.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) support

The Construction Industry Scheme, or CIS for short, is a statutory tax accounting scheme used by contractors and subcontractors in the construction sector. Under the scheme, contractors are required to deduct tax from a subcontractor’s wages – adding an additional, unwanted accounting requirement.

With real industry experience, we help construction businesses implement smart CIS systems with a focus on saving time and resources. That means when it comes to the accounting, the hard part’s done.

Don’t forget – we help subcontractors deal with their CIS requirements, too!

Business advice for property developers

From starting up to expanding your portfolio, we support property developers by helping them better understand their market, analyse risk, and develop long-term tax-efficient strategies.

Our expert advisory department also works alongside your development team to keep on top of budgets, improve cash flow, make tax-efficient decisions, take care of financial reporting and comply with industry-specific regulations.

Make better-informed decisions about your real estate company

In this market, it can be difficult to know whether to buy, sell, rent, or hold. With decades of experience, our expert team works with you and your team to map out your long-term strategy and ambitions, taking into account various factors, such as tax liabilities, retirement objectives and market volatility.

Discover how to use trusts and funds to support your business strategy

Contrary to popular opinion, you do not need to own an entire property to invest in property. Real estate investment trusts – or REITs for short – enable you to invest small or large sums in the domestic and international property market, without investing time or resources into surveying the market.

Whether you are new to REITs or an experienced investor, our expert team will support you in making long-term investment decisions, suitable to your risk appetite and personal financial objectives.

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Less paperwork, more practising

Our cost-effective technology solutions are made with you and your time in mind. By cutting down on paperwork, reducing admin and streamlining accounting, we’re committed to giving business owners back more hours in the day. Talk to our digital advisors about our cloud solutions today.