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Uncovering financial impropriety or dealing with a complex legal dispute often requires businesses, individuals and their solicitors to gain a greater understanding of the other parties’ finances.

Forensic accountant and expert witness service
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Macalvins Chartered Accountants, Tax & Business Advisers | Harrow, Mayfair, London

At Macalvins, we offer a forensic accountant and expert witness service that can carefully investigate financial information to provide robust reports and insights.

Our experienced team, using the information they uncover, also regularly assist in court proceedings on issues including:

Where a business owner is going through a divorce or if a dispute arises, we can provide accurate, intelligence-led valuations of a company. Whether it is for a small family firm or a substantial group of companies, we can offer commercially-minded and carefully evidenced assessments.

Our team can report on the financial merits of claims to assist with alternative dispute resolution or, if this is unsuccessful, act as independent expert witnesses in court.

Dealing with a couple’s finances during a divorce can be complex and stressful. We work with solicitors and their clients to assess a party’s assets (both apparent and disguised) to provide an assessment of their wealth that can be used when completing Form E, which discloses the individual’s total income and assets. This includes looking at how funds can be extracted from any businesses owned by the other party. We can also assist with splitting pensions, share transactions, setting up trusts and investing funds.

If you are seeking financing or are looking to sell or buy a business then financial due diligence is an essential step in protecting you and your company. Our team are experienced in collecting and analysing relevant financial data and producing clear, concise reports for businesses of various sizes.

If you suspect your business has been affected by fraud or criminality, we can assess your finances to uncover patterns of behaviour that may indicate that funds have been misappropriated so that you can take appropriate legal action. Our team can also support court proceedings by acting as expert witnesses.

If a business is affected by fire, flood or business interruption or an individual by personal injury, it is likely to result in an insurance claim where policies are in place. We can work with you to explore the validity of a claim or query the valuation provided by either party and act as an expert witness in court if required.

Our team can assist to unravel the complex legal structures and transactions of private estates for families or other interested parties to ascertain control and value on death or for refinancing.

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