Quizchoice Limited

Macalvins go beyond the basic compliance services; with their sound and trusted business advice it was possible to turn our business dream into a reality.

Quizchoice Limited is a Pharmacy; the company was established in February 1983 at 114 Upper Richmond Road, Putney. At the time they also owned two other leasehold premises trading under Regents Pharmacy and Simmonds Pharmacy.

Quizchoice were previously with a non-proactive accountancy firm and came to Macalvins in 1999 looking for more than the basic compliance service. They wanted sound business advice that they could trust.

Macalvins helped to purchase a fourth leasehold pharmacy, run as an associate company, assisted with the sale of Regent and Simmonds Pharmacies and went on to help Quizchoice acquire the freehold property 124 Upper Richmond Road. This left the company in a much better position financially.

Macalvins has also aided the company’s growth, helping it become more efficient by providing management information and tax planning advice.

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