Coronavirus economic difficulties could result in more private school closures

The leader of Independent Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS) has claimed that economic difficulties caused by Covid-19 could result in struggling private schools being “tipped over the financial edge”

IAPS Chief Executive, Christopher King, issued the stark warning, saying that there could be many closures announced in the next academic year.

“The concerns will arise because of the fundamental affordability of private education,” he said.

“Committing to pay school fees over a long term is a decision that people don’t take lightly.

“Once they enter into it they, by and large, want to commit over a long period of time and they will only do that if they feel pretty secure in employment.”

Estimates suggest that up to 30 per cent of private schools could be at risk of closure due to Covid-19-related financial problems.

Julie Robinson, Chief Executive of the Independent Schools Council, told the Tes: “The longer it goes on, the more of a concern it is.

“We know schools are considering their financial situation. Of course, they’re watching this really carefully and they’re having to plan for several different possible scenarios going into the next academic year. It’s a time of anxiety for the parents and for the schools.

“A lot depends on how we go into the next academic year and it’ll probably be another year before we have a good, clear idea of the extent of the effects of this crisis.”

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