Case Studies

We are really proud of what we do. Here are some examples of how we have helped our clients succeed.

Atlantic Screen Music

Atlantic Screen Music are music publishers, managing and owning music catalogues from some of the biggest film and TV companies. A hugely innovative business, Atlantic Screen Music are setting new standards in the world of music copyright.

Tim Hollier and Simon Fawcett contacted Macalvins for help with basic book keeping. During the meeting, they also expressed their urgent need to raise finance to help the business grow in the planned direction.

Macalvins managed the first round of fundraising from start to finish, introducing Atlantic Screen Music to worthy potential investors and then brokering and managing the deal.

Beyond the initial funding Tim have continued to work closely with Macalvins to create strategies to extend the cash base to acquire further music.

"Macalvins are the right hand to what we do. They get it and we would not be without them."

Tim Hollier, Atlantic Screen Music

Central Stationers

Central Stationers was a partnership originally set up over 35 years ago in the business of stationary and card shops.

The first step Macalvins put in place to help the partnership work better together and to enable them to move forward was a partnership agreement. Each partner had an equal share in the business so it was important to liaise with all the partners to make sure everyone was happy.

Few years ago, the partnership decided to start putting in place a retirement plan. The agreement would come in to place in the event someone passed away, was injured or wanted to retire.

Macalvins ultimately devised a tax efficient plan of action whereby all the business interests including properties were disposed and then the significant net proceeds shared out between the partners.

“Macalvins go beyond expectations; they actively seek and achieve their clients’ success.”

Central Stationers


PR4 is a public relations consultancy that has been operating for 14 years.

They have been with Macalvins from inception who have provided full service from bookkeeping, payroll and strategic advice. In 2011 when owner manager Christina had her first child, the business needed to change shape.

Christina and Macalvins sat down and began to fashion a plan that would allow the business to function but release some of the pressures and constraints. The plan included the creation of referral deals with other agencies and also the closure of the London office and staff redundancies.

Since the restructure the company has increased profitability by 65% and Christina now has the optimal work-life balance.

“Macalvins are the cornerstone of my business and my trusted advisors."

Christina Wright, PR4

Quizchoice Limited

Quizchoice Limited is a Pharmacy; the company was established in February 1983 at 114 Upper Richmond Road, Putney. At the time they also owned two other leasehold premises trading under Regents Pharmacy and Simmonds Pharmacy.

Quizchoice were previously with a non-proactive accountancy firm and came to Macalvins in 1999 looking for more than the basic compliance service. They wanted sound business advice that they could trust.

Macalvins helped to purchase a fourth leasehold pharmacy, run as an associate company, assisted with the sale of Regent and Simmonds Pharmacies and went on to help Quizchoice acquire the freehold property 124 Upper Richmond Road. This left the company in a much better position financially.

Macalvins has also aided the company’s growth, helping it become more efficient by providing management information and tax planning advice.

“Macalvins go beyond the basic compliance services; with their sound and trusted business advice it was possible to turn our business dream into a reality.”

Dhiraj Vara, Quizchoice Limited

Dr Roy Sennett

Dr Roy Sennett has been running his own dental practice in Ealing for over 20 years, 15 of which he has worked with Macalvins.

Roy initially instructed Macalvins for assistance with basic accounts work but quickly realised they could offer a great deal more. Macalvins created a plan that included an initial restructure which allowed for the sale of the first floor general practice, closely followed by the second floor dental implant practice. Now, only the third floor remains, which Dr Sennett uses for his private office during the week.

Within the next 3 to 5 years all the loose ends will be tied up and the retirement plan complete. From that point on, Macalvins will continue to assist Roy with personal affairs.

“I don’t do anything without talking to Macalvins first. I trust them implicitly and value their judgement across every aspect of my business.”

Dr Roy Sennett

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