Film and production

The UK film industry is worth more than £3.37 billion to the economy each year. The creative talent behind it, meanwhile, produce over 200 feature films annually, while committed fans generate 16.4 per cent of global box office revenue worldwide.

To compete in this highly competitive but lucrative industry, you need the right people behind you. As business advisors and film and production accounting specialists, we have the knowledge and experience required to help you succeed.

Our services include:

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Tax advice bespoke to your industry

The tax reliefs available to investors in British film and media are among the most generous in the world.

According to the latest statistics, a total £1.1 billion was paid out across all of the creative industries’ tax reliefs – an increase from £0.9 billion per year. Film Tax Relief, meanwhile, accounts for over half of all tax rebates in the creative industries.

How do they work? The schemes incentivise investment in film and TV by offering generous tax reliefs to investors. The criteria, however, is strict and an ineligible claim can be catastrophic.

We advise film and production companies on the film, high-end television and creative tax reliefs throughout a project, from application to claiming relief.

For reliable advice, trusted by film and production studios worldwide, talk to Macalvins.

Creative industry tax reliefs and BFI Applications

From concept to claiming relief, our expert team works alongside film and production companies to ensure successful film, high-end television and creative tax relief applications.

We advise on the qualifying conditions that need to be met to ensure a successful application. To inspire confidence in your project, we will only give your application the green light if we are satisfied that the criteria for a claim has or will be met.

We identify qualifying expenditure and complete documentation on your behalf, so that your application is processed by the tax office as quickly as possible.

Creative relief is integrated into our tax planning process. For example, we may suggest a shorter accounting period for a film production to accelerate the payment of the tax credit. Or we may suggest a longer period to envelope a greater amount of qualifying expenditure.

Creative sector tax relief will impact on early decision making, such as the total cost of production. Therefore, we provide advice on estimated tax relief at an early stage in the creative process, so you can make better-informed decisions.

For reliable advice, trusted by film and production studios worldwide, talk to Macalvins.

Lights, camera, action!

Make smarter, faster decisions about your film and production business with Macalvins. By combining commercial advice with real industry experience, our team has the specialist accounting knowledge to help you succeed.

The accounting specialists for film and TV companies

Based in easily accessible offices in London, Macalvins has built an enviable reputation in the film and production sector. Our goal is simple: we help you make better-informed decisions about your business to improve its profitability and boost performance.

Accounting, advisory and tax planning

We help you make smarter, faster decisions by thinking sector-first. With much of our team having ‘on the ground’ experience, we have first-hand knowledge of the challenges and hurdles you face. We combine this with our leading business advisory and tax planning services to help you save money, cut down on paperwork and think smarter.

UK and international payroll

The film industry is a truly diverse sector, comprising of talent from all over the world. We help film and production companies overcome international taxation and payroll hurdles by providing a one-stop-shop for overseas accounting advice.

Off-payroll working rules

The new off-payroll working rules, coming into effect April 2020, significantly change the employment environment for industries who rely on temporary contracted work. Our team will help you navigate this complex legislation by determining the employment status of workers and ensuring you and your staff are paying the correct amount of tax.

Production forecasting and cost reporting

We provide a dynamic and dependable production accounting service throughout all stages of the filming life cycle. From budget preparation and finance to raising invoices and reconciliation, our team provides a truly holistic accounting service for film and production houses.

International Business

We understand international business. From setting up a business in the UK or overseas, to jurisdictional tax and raising finance, our experts think global.

Find out more about how we help international business clients here.

Less paperwork, more practising

Our cost-effective technology solutions are made with you and your time in mind. By cutting down on paperwork, reducing admin and streamlining accounting, we’re committed to giving business owners back more hours in the day. Talk to our digital advisors about our cloud solutions today.