EMI share incentives

Macalvins removes the complexity from Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) schemes so you can offer attractive, tax-efficient share options to incentive and reward staff. From setting up and administrating the scheme to reporting changes to HMRC, our experienced team is here to help you run your business.

Our EMI scheme service includes:

Why offer share options?

By offering a tangible and valuable interest in the success of the business, EMI schemes have been shown to improve retention rates, boost productivity and accelerate growth.

Share options granted to eligible employees attract no income tax and just 10 per cent Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on profits on sale, making them a highly tax-efficient reward.

From exit-only vesting arrangements to time-based structures, there are several options available to keep employers in control of share option schemes.

Set up an Enterprise Management Incentive scheme

Find out if your business qualifies to launch an Enterprise Management Incentive scheme by contacting our expert team today.

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