Business valuations

Many elements play into the valuation of a business, which can increase or detract from a company’s worth.

Carefully assessing these factors can be a complex task that is affected by matters beyond the control of a company.

That is why it is important to seek professional advice when trying to determine an accurate value for shares or the wider value of a business.

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Reasons to get a business valuation

The value of a business is likely to change considerably during its lifecycle and there may be issues or opportunities that affect how much it is worth.

We have considerable experience working with companies of various sizes around the world to accurately determine their value.

How we can help with business valuations:

  • Assist with negotiations based on a business valuation
  • Determining value across a range of scenarios
  • Producing valuation reports
  • Shareholder, commercial, and matrimonial disputes.

Every valuation we conduct is unique. We take time to get to know each business so that we can produce an accurate valuation.

The reports we produce not only provide you with a value but identify the specific elements that determine how much your company is worth.

Get a business valuation today

We always aim to respond quickly to meet strict deadlines and ensure that you obtain a valuation opinion that is independent, reliable and concise.

To find out how we can assist you with business valuations, please speak to our specialists today.