Public Interest Entity (PIE) audits

Macalvins is one of a limited number of UK auditors to be registered by the Financial Reporting Council (‘FRC’) as a Public Interest Entity (‘PIE’) auditor.

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What is a PIE? 

Publicly Important Entities (PIEs) are entities that hold significant public relevance due to the nature of their business, size, or corporate status. 

This means that a broad range of stakeholders, including investors, creditors, and the public rely on the transparent and unblemished financial information of these entities.  

Given that these businesses are subject to more stringent regulations, they necessitate accredited and qualified auditors, like Macalvins, to ensure compliance and accuracy. 


Why Macalvins?

Macalvins was awarded the right to perform PIE audits in 2023. As a smaller firm, we are uniquely positioned, to offer a more personalised service to our clients whilst still upholding the highest standards of care and diligence.

Our competitive pricing ensures that our clients receive exceptional value, and our primary focus is delivering a service that revolves around providing you with a high-quality and insightful audit report.

Our team of trained PIE auditors conducts thorough and comprehensive audits of your business, fully compliant with the latest accounting standards. We take pride in delivering independent and in-depth financial analysis to help you and your stakeholders make informed decisions.

Choose Macalvins for your PIE audits and experience the difference in audit excellence and client-focused service.


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